Machine learning

Use the power of machine learning to accurately and efficiently identify objects in images and videos, enabling advanced visual analysis and automation in your workflows.

Our work process

From assessment to implementation, our proven workflow ensures seamless integration of solutions tailored to your needs.


In the analysis phase, we work with you to understand your specific needs and goals in object detection, ensuring a clear understanding of the desired results.

Data collection

We collect and prepare the necessary data to create high-quality training data. Our machine learning experts then use advanced techniques to train robust models.


In this step, we refine machine learning models based on specific requirements and datasets. We use state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies to optimize model accuracy and performance.


We implement the trained model in your environment, seamlessly integrating them into your existing systems or applications. We ensure a smooth transition and provide support throughout the implementation process.

Take your business to the top with machine learning

Enhance your business with machine learning capabilities to gain actionable insight, automate and make intelligent decisions.

“Implementing their RPA solution has revolutionized our operations. It has streamlined processes, eliminated errors and greatly increased efficiency. Highly recommended!”

Sven Allik

CEO @Haustec

Frequently asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our RPA service, providing the information you need to make informed decisions.

Object detection is a technique that involves identifying and localizing specific objects in images or videos, enabling applications such as automatic tracking, content moderation, and visual search.

Our object recognition model achieves a high level of accuracy by using state-of-the-art algorithms and training methodologies to ensure reliable and accurate object detection in a variety of scenarios.

Absolutely! Our object detection model is designed for real-time applications, enabling efficient processing and detection of objects in streaming videos with minimal latency.

The model can detect a wide range of objects, including common everyday objects, animals, vehicles, and specific custom object categories based precisely on your needs.

The object recognition model can handle multiple objects in a single image or video frame, ensuring accurate and simultaneous detection of many objects.

Yes, the object detection service is designed to be easily integrated into existing systems or applications, which allows for seamless integration into your workflows.